Strength Athlete

Find the optimal strength programs for you . Get your results thoroughly analyzed. Read your recommendations.  See how well you responded compared to your peer trainees. Learn which program design suits you the best and take action!

Program Designer

Create programs with progressive overload strategies! Get objective feedback on how Strength Athletes respond to your program through the Experience Bank and subjective feedback through the users’ Reviews. Learn and improve!

Personal Trainer

Interact with your clients! Display your offers and open your Booking Calendar for PT sessions. Let Optimal Strength Gains find the best strength training programs for customers with different needs and goals. Provide your clients with online guidance.

Main Features

Program Designs

  • How much?
  • How hard?
  • How often?
  • Find your best fit!

Experience Bank

  • Your achieved results
  • How much did you improve
  • Compare your results
  • Find optimal programs!

Strength Standards

  • How strong are you?
  • Objective strength levels
  • Set goals
  • See improvements!

Auto Regulation

  • Workout tracker
  • Personal load progression¬†
  • Fatigue and energy level
  • Automatic load adjustment

The Symbiose


Strength Athlete

  • Performance Graph
  • Performance Table
  • Top Training Designs
  • Calendar & Training Log
  • Timeline

Program Designer

  • Calendar Builder
  • Progression Builder
  • Program Designs
  • Program Publisher
  • Experience Bank

Personal Trainer

  • My Offers
  • My Client Results
  • Booking
  • Experience Bank & Reviews

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