The Workout Log

THE WORKOUT LOG Click on the Workout Log on your mobile phone. The Calendar will display your current program. Green days represent completed sessions, red days represent missed sessions, blue days represent upcoming sessions and white days represent non-training days. If you tap on today‚Äôs session (dotted grey line), information relating to which body parts … Read more

Program Designs Guide

Exercise program design is a process that involves manipulation of multiple strength training variables. The successful achievement of a specific training outcome such as hypertrophy, strength, power, muscular endurance, will be largely determined by proper manipulation of the various training variables, done by Program Designers in the Calendar- and Progression builder.   1. REVEALING THE … Read more

Experience Bank Guide

THE EXPERIENCE BANK The Experience Bank gathers information about your progress after completing a program. It also guides you to those other programs that you will most likely respond to the best.   1. Test exercise Each program has one to three test exercises, and each test exercise has an Experience Bank both for men … Read more

Strength Standard Guide

STRENGTH STANDARDS are objective benchmarks that show how strong you are when compared with other strength athletes. Strength standards are beneficial when setting goals and tracking your individual progress. We divide strength standards into body weight intervals and into five separate levels: untrained, novice, intermediate, advanced and elite. Each test exercise has one strength standard … Read more

About Autoregulation

AUTOREGULATION Strength does not always evolve as planned in the Program Designer profile, since predetermined programs do not take into account the individual lifter fatigue levels on a daily basis.   1. Fatique The predetermined weight increase from session to session or week to week is not always “doable” since it does not take into … Read more

The Strength Athlete Profile

THE STRENGTH ATHLETE PROFILE The purpose of the strength athlete profile is to enable you to identify the most effective programs that best suit you, analyze and learn from subsequent results. Once completed, you will get objective feedback on how well you responded and what strength level you are at, and make you aware of … Read more