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Each of the three profile types and the four features work together symbiotically, where they enhance each other through data analysis.


Search & find programs

Find the most optimal programs for you via our search feature in the Program designs or Experience bank sections. Then upload the desired program to your own Calendar & workout log

Start training

Start the training program and track each session on your smart phone. Your workload will automatically adjust on a set-to-set basis, depending on your current fatigue level.

Complete the program

Complete the program and get your results analyzed, by comparing your results with the Strength standards and the Experience banks. Learn which program design best suits you.


Design strength training programs

Design comprehensive strength training programs in the Calendar builder and Progression builder. Display the Program design, and publish your program making it available for the Strength athletes.

Get feedback

Get objective feedback on how well different Strength athletes respond to your program. Get subjective feedback from Strength athletes such as reviews and comments in your newsfeed.

Learn and Improve

Learn how your theoretical program works in practice, and use your gained insights and knowledge to build even better programs. Use our Learn more section to master the fundamental strength training principles.


Register your clients

Register your clients as Strength athletes. Find the best programs through the Program designs or Experience banks sites. As an online coach you can follow up your clients closely at their Strength athlete profiles.

Faciliate your bookings

Display where you work, your background and specialities, your offers and when you are available so that strength athletes can book one-to-one sessions in your calendar.

My clients results

My clients results will tell the truth regards to the results your clients are getting. Use this to your advantage when it comes to learning, improving end even as an effective marketing tool.

Why Optimal Strength Gains?


It adds value

Don't base your desicions only on subjective assumptions.


It's intuitive

Your profile is all displayed on one site, with no hidden info.


It’s fun

Reach your goals and interact with other strength enthusiasts.


It’s new

The platform represents features never seen before.


Create your profile today and start achieving your fitness goals.

The Strength Athlete

When you complete programs you will see how well you responded compared to your peer trainee. Learn which program design suits you the best and take action!

The Program Designer

Create and publish your own programs! Get feedback on how different Strength athletes respond to your program through the Experience bank and users Reviews.

The Personal Trainer

Interact with your clients! Let Optimal Strength Gains find the best strength training programs for customers with different needs and goals.