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Personal Trainer

Do you want to release your potential as a Personal Trainer? In order to be an eminent Personal Trainer, you need a strong theoretical background, and comprehensive experience.

The latter takes many years to accomplish. What if you could use the experience from others to your advantage?


Your Clients

Register your clients as Strength Athletes. Follow them closely both as an online coach interacting on their Strength Athlete profiles, and through physical one-on-one sessions purchased under “Your Offers” and booked in your calendar.

Interactive Experience Archive

Let Optimal Strength Gains find the best suited strength training programs for your clients. Free up your time with regards to administrative work and marketing, allowing you to focus more on technique learning, diet guidance, motivation and other important factors.

About me

Give a short introduction about yourself. Tell Strength Athletes about your education, specialties, experience and location.

The location is where you as a Personal Trainer work and are available for face-to-face sessions with clients or Strength Athletes.

My Offers

Display your offers and prices, available for booking by Strength Athletes. When a Strength Athlete books an offer, your calendar will be open for booking, and you can send your invoice.

My Clients' Results

The My Clients’ results table gives objective feedback on your clients’ results after completing a program, by comparing the pre- and post-test result in the test exercises.

There is one table for men and one table for women; you can also sort the tables by category.

The tables are divided into levels and weight classes, and the number in each cell shows the median (average) result of all your clients individual “percentage increase” numbers for a particular level and weight class.

In order to collect your clients’ results, you need to go to your clients’ Strength Athlete profiles and activate the “Add your Personal trainer” button in the Timeline. Then you are connected to the program that you are helping each client with.


This section gives your clients the chance to give you subjective feedback and for you to read feedback from other Strength Athletes.


Display which days and hours you are available, so that after booking an offer, any Strength Athlete can book face-to-face sessions with you.

Green days are days you have many hours or sessions available; orange days are days that are starting to get full, and red days are days where you are completely fully booked and have no available sessions.

Under Contacts you will find all your friends that you have sent or accepted a friend request to and from. You will also find information about purchased Offers like name of the PT Offer and Strength Athlete, date, number of sessions/hours in the offer, booked hours and completed hours. 


Communicate with your clients, give them guidance and answer their questions.

The Newsfeed also gives you the opportunity to attract new clients by marketing, blogging and by taking an active approach.

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