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Strength Athlete

Has your progress stalled? If your main focus is to increase muscle mass or strength, or you want to learn what programs and programs designs suit you best, then Optimal Strength Gains is the solution for you.


Program Designs

The Program Designs will reveal the programs that suit you the best regarding the different training variables. The more programs you complete, the better guidance we can provide to you.

Experience Bank

Get feedback on how well you responded to a completed strength training program, compared to other strength athletes with similar traits and variables.

Trophy Wall

There is a Trophy Wall for each major body part; chest, back, calves, thighs/hips, shoulders and upper arms/forearms, where you can closely monitor your progress in the test exercises. See how your strength level progresses from one program to the next and compare your strength level to other strength athletes. Get rewarded with a golden trophy each time you reach a new and higher level.


Get an overview of all the strength training programs you have completed, and the status and fluctuation of important lifestyle factors like changes in body weight, waist- to- hip ratio, stress level and sleep level.

The Timeline will intuitively tell you where you need to improve regarding lifestyle and fatigue factors. The Timeline will also show if you have received guidance and assistance from a Personal trainer in a program

Performance Table

The Performance Table analyzes all the programs you have completed and shows detailed information like one repetition maximum (1 RM) in the test exercises, relevant background information, average sleep-, stress- and energy level.

Analyze your achieved results or percentage increase, in the programs test exercises. By comparing your results to the Program Designers’ Experience Bank, we can find out how well you responded to a specific program, compared to other strength athletes, like your Mirror Athletes. Your Mirror Athletes are those Strength athletes who resemble you the most by having the same gender, age, height, weight, waist to hip ratio, strength level and more.

In the Fatigue & Recovery section you can see how well you adapted to the program and how your fatigue levels varied from session to session and over time.

Read your exercise notes and get recommendations for further improvements.

Top Program Designs

People are different and respond differently to the same program design. The Program Designs identify the main structure of the program, in terms of intensity, training volume, frequency and more.

The Top Program Design table tells you which program and program design you responded best to, for each body part.

Calendar & Training Log

Download a desired program from a Program Designer profile to your Calendar. Log the sets on your mobile phone during the work-out with the help of an auto-regulation function that automatically adjusts your working load based on your current fatigue and energy level.

The green days in the Calendar are sessions you have completed, the red days are sessions you missed, and the blue days are upcoming sessions.

Workout Log

Track your progress on a set-to-set basis. The strength programs have an individualized kg load and built-in progression strategy or strategies. If you exceed the target reps or target reps to failure (RTF), the working load on the next set is increased, or vice versa. This allows you to progress at your own rate while having clear targets to aim for.


Communicate with other strength athletes and Personal Trainers whom you have booked and purchased PT Offers from. The strength athlete profiles are closed profiles where you must accept or send friend requests for you to get access to their profile, and them to yours. You will find your friends and booked PT offers under Contacts.  

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